Milka doesn't need translation.
Milka may remind you of chocolate but has nothing to do with it.
Milka is an imaginary friend.
Milka is not a cow.
Milka is the cure and the venom.
Milka is not innocent and will not try to convince you about anything.
Milka enjoys silence but makes people talk.
Milka makes you feel what it is, even if she tells you otherwise.
Milka is not trying to be "cool".
Milka is not for everybody and is not for free.
Milka is not device dependent.... the best: technology free!
Milka knows some things but is always learning.
Nunca se me hubiera ocurrido pero yo hubiera lo mismo.
Milka is not trouble but is addictive and confusing.
Milka doesn't solve problems but helps you forget them.
Milka can't sleep at night and comes with brilliant ideas in the morning.
Milka doesn't want to be rich but rather have worldwide presence.
Milka's profit comes from strangers.
Milka is not afraid to ask stupid questions.
Milka likes to go deep and discover valuable experience.
Milka loves silence and _________, not everything is solved... let's leave room for something else to come.

.:: Do NOT Touch ::.

Proceed with caution
Do not touch
Do not feel
What the f... just happened here?

Even as a yield WARNING
it's a very tempting invitation

Milka is not responsible by any means for the use of this weapons.
Use them at your own risk.
Each weapon is sold separately.
No ammunition necessary.