.:: Who is Milka? ::.

Honest beauty in a dangerous and addictive mind embodies Milka Manifesto, an orgasmic experience set out to play with your emotions. Fashion Kills and the cure is the venom. No antidote is stronger than the truth. Moving with seductive danger, reshapes to mirage you with burning desire. True to its nature finds freedom. Sublime beauty of ephemeral form, organically crafted "princesita sin corona". Contemplate in silence with new eyes, judge less imagination bring life to creation.


Surgical intelligence, one BULLET, one HIT, no EVIDENCE. Empowers and surrenders, confronts your freewill. Creative power that moves you forward. Acid voice, sharp communication, unspoken truth that gives deep understanding. Language can become three dimensional, words can become textures. Feelings and emotions worn naked. Invisible companion, sweet whispers under shadows, last burning heart, domesticated fear that brings growth. Change is inevitable

.:: umbilical ::.

Attaches with loving embrace like when you're precisely understood. With intimate knowledge of what I am, perceives the world as if it was seen through my eyes. Malleable with attentive touch. Elastic freedom and intuition. Nurturing life experience.

This piece is made by Milka Manifesto's Woman Association. Employing third age women lacking of primary needs. Seventy percent of the earnings go directly to these women.